Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New book!

As a way to celebrate 15 years in Spain, Fanny's new book has been released!
Sorprendida por la Hospitalidad (Surpised by hospitality) is our way to celebrate the lessons learned along the way, and the gifts we received through the hospitality of different people who surprised us with their love and care.

The book is available on Amazon and you can order them HERE. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Godly Play: training the trainer

This is the group of people who participated of the accredited course in the Godly Play method, called "training the trainer". It took place in the city of Ely, UK, last January.
Fanny is now officially part of the trainers team in Spain, along with other two trainers for the whole peninsula.
We are pleased and impressed to see how God is opening doors to use this method in Spain, especially in Santiago de Compostela, where we will soon move.
After the training in January, Fanny had the chance to practice what she learned in one of the accredited 3 day course for narrators/storytellers. A nice group from Galicia came to be trained, from different christian backgrounds (catechism teachers, sunday school teachers, and even priests and elders). Again, we are pleased with the oppotunities that are opening to use this method. 

THank you for your prayers!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Fanny's interview in the Galician Radio

On December, Fanny was interviewed on the Radio for the "Nacer de Novo" show, to talk about her books. To listen to the complete interview (although in Spanish), go here. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Walking to Santiago

And one day, we arrived on our foot to Santiago as a family of four! 
It was great to experience the Camino as a family. We walked the last 11 km (about 7 miles) and we arrived to the capital of Galicia on Saint James day. 

We finally got to see the Botafumeiro, a special incense that was used over the centuries to bless pilgrims during the mass. Enjoy!!

After arriving to Santiago we drove to FINISTERRE

This is where the Apostol Paul wanted to come when he wrote to the Romans: " But now that there is no more place for me to work in these regions, and since I have been longing for many years to visit you, I plan to do so when I go to Spain. I hope to see you while passing through and to have you assist me on my journey there, after I have enjoyed your company for a while. (Romans 15:23,24). 
Finisterre was the end of the known world (and that's what literally the name of the place means: Finis (end) terrae (earth) in Latin. The Apostle Paul wanted to come here because he desired to fullfill Jesus' great comission: to bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We don't know if he ever made it to Spain or not. Neither do we know if it's true that James the apostle ever came to Spain. What we DO know is that for centuries followers of Jesus have desired to come to this point on earth, obeying Jesus's comission to make disciples in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Finis-terrae. What a privilege it was to put our foot on this soil, where once was considered the end of the earth. 
Privileged and humbled to be called His witnesses on this land . To him be the Glory! 

Summer at THe Pilgrim's Fountain

About 600 pilgrims are passing by each day. Great opportunities to serve them, give them water, tea, a clean bathroom, literature and conversation.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Traditional Music at The Pilgrim's fountain

You may not know this, but bagpipes are also typical from this part of the country. In fact, in our opinion, Galicia has more in common with Scotland and Ireland than with the rest of Spain.
One of our recent volunteer teams decided to "treat" us with some traditional music and they hired a local band to play a few songs for us and the pilgrims.

It was wondferful. There was music, dancing and celebration for 17 years of this ministry!
PRaise the Lord!

This year marks 15 since we left our home country of Argentina to come to Spain. If I was asked to choose an IMAGE -one single picture- that represents the past 15 years, I would probably pick this one. This picture comunicates so much. Last month we were invited by a couple to spend time at his parent's land. And they treated us as if we were part of their family all our lives. They let us see their farm, showed us their house, their village, they let us cook with them, collect wood with them, sit around the table and go for a walk with them. I enjoyed it so much.
This picture means a lot to me. Because this picture speaks about time, spending time with people. It speaks about the local culture receiving you, welcoming you as one of them. This picture speaks about human nature and how are are all the same, even though we having different language or a different accent, a different skin color and different traditions. We are all in this journey together and our deepest needs are exactly the same. This picture speaks about building relationships with the people you are being sent to, because that is what a big part of missions is: building relationships with the people and not just telling them about Jesus but showing Him in the way we interact with them.